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Woodcrest School of Wonder


The outdoors provide is an ideal place to learn, explore, and discover.  Woodcrest’s School of Wonder makes that happen through a variety of classes and programs that get students into creation. Whether it is a one day or multi-day homeschool class or field trips for a school or co-op, Woodcrest can work with you to create the perfect outdoor experience.

The School of Wonder uses trained and gifted staff who love helping students learn and develop their creative best. Our classes cover a variety of topics and fields of study including the arts, outdoor survival, physical education, leadership development, and sciences. You can use any of our pre-existing classes or we can work with you to customize your event to meet your educational needs.

Homeschool Schedule

Co-op Field Trips — We love working with homeschool co-ops to create a unique fieldtrip experience.

Public School Fieldtrips — There is something about getting out of the indoor classroom and experiencing the outdoor classroom to help reinforce lessons. We offer a wide range of specialty programs offered specifically to public schools.

Christian School Fieldtrips — Woodcrest provides the perfect way for students to learn through God’s creation.

Outdoor survival skill class

Students learn the skill of knot tying as part of an outdoor skill class at School of Wonder


Team building class at School of Wonder

A group of teenagers enjoy a time of teambuilding at Woodcrest Retreat