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Challenge Course

Challenge Course

Woodcrest’s Teambuilding Course is full of unique challenges that will help any group develop key leadership and cooperative skills.  Whether you are looking to promote unity among your group or want to enhance problem solving skills, our trained staff can help bring out the best in your people.  These activities create the space for your group to interact together to overcome various obstacles.

The course is ideal for various groups including church, youth, school, and even business teams. The overall goal is to give each person an opportunity to have a fun, challenging experience, while growing in his/her relationship with God and with others.

Challenge activities are voluntary. In order to promote growth, we encourage participants to reach for their highest potential while still respecting their personal limits. Activities are facilitated by trained staff using professional equipment. High elements utilize a professional rope safety system. Each participant must complete and sign a medical / liability release form.

Course times begin at one hour and can last for up to four hours. Session times include warm up and training activities prior to entering the course. Prices depend on length of sessions.  Flying Squirrel and Tree Climb are extra.

Low Ropes Course

Sessions begin with some fun games and activities to promote teamwork and communication. As your group experiences 2-3 of our challenge elements they will have the unique opportunity to interact, trust, and encourage one another. Our gifted facilitators are able to help participants apply lessons to their own personal lives and walk with Jesus.  Some of our more popular elements include:

  • The Maze – Navigate yourself out of the rope maze with a variety of scenarios while applying what you learn to the path of life.
  • Log Jam – Communication is key to your group accomplishing the log jam.
  • Spider’s Web – Avoiding the web will require teamwork and trust.
  • Iceberg – Strategic problem solving will aid you in developing solutions to this element.
  • Mohawk Walk – Team cooperation and a sense of balance will enable you to accomplish your goal.
  • Whale Watch – Will you develop a strategy to keep your group afloat through this element and during life? “All aboard?”

Time: 1-4 hours
Ages: 12 and up
Group Size: Minimum 8

Flying Squirrel

This favorite element is unique in that it creates a “flight” courtesy of the other members of the group. A person is pulled off the ground as the rest of the group runs with the rope that is attached to the participant. It’s a thrilling example of teamwork and trust!

Time: 8-10 persons per hour
Ages: 12 and up
Group Size: Minimum 8

Tree Climb

Similar to a climbing wall, but on a tree! This individual challenge invites climbers to attempt to scale the 30’ plus route of challenge course staples to the platform high above the forest floor. Facilitated by an instructor, climbers learn basic safety skills associated with the climb focused on personal challenge with group encouragement. What an accomplishment when they wave to their applauding teammates from on top of the platform.

Time: 8-10 people per hour
Ages: 12 and up
Group Size: Minimum of 8

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