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Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer at Woodcrest Retreat

Building the Kingdom of God has always been the major theme of Woodcrest. When talking with many of the founders of Woodcrest, you will quickly find this desire to build a place for others to experience God’s wonders.  The mission was to turn the pig farms and grassy fields of the Ephrata mountain into a beautiful camp where the hungry heart could come and rest. Today this is still the emphasis of what drives the mission of Woodcrest. None of the ministries that take place on this mountain can be accomplished without the work of Holy Spirit amidst us. We are seeking volunteers to serve in prayer, seeking God’s wisdom for the journey yet to come. Join one of these two opportunities.

Woodcrest Monthly Prayer Bulletins

Woodcrest produces a bimonthly prayer bulletins that highlight daily ministry needs. Ministry is impossible without the prayers of the church. Find these bimonthly prayer calendars here on our website or request

Summer Staff Prayer Partners

Over the course of a summer, Woodcrest has over 70 teenage and young adult staff members who serve our campers. The staff pour out their hearts for campers. Annually we recruit faithful volunteers from local churches and staff alumni to pray for them. Summer Prayer Partners will have the opportunity to encourage our summer staff through weekly letters and occasional small gifts. The goal is to provide encouragement and to aid in the discipleship of the summer staff. You are invited to serve as a summer prayer partner.

– In early June you will receive an email from Woodcrest with your summer staff member. This email will contain information such as a short bio, prayer requests, and their favorite snacks.

-During the Months of June-August you will be asked to send weekly notes and letters to your prayer partner.

– What should I write in these letters? Discipleship is about sharing life with another as you walk with them toward Jesus. Share about your life, ask them questions about what they want to do with their life. Ask them how their week is going and check up on how they are doing. Notes do not have to be long to be impactful. Short notes can make a big difference.

Why Weekly? Summer camp is divided into individual weeks. By sending weekly notes, a summer staff member can prep for a new week.

– What about after summer? After the summer you are welcomed but not required to continue writing to them.

Church Support Materials

Churches may use the following materials to invite their congregations to the Woodcrest Prayer Ministry.

The Prayer Taskforce

Friends of Woodcrest gather at camp to pray over this ministry. Meetings take place on Monday nights once a month

Woodcrest Retreat

A Christian Summer Camp, Campground, & Retreat Ministry


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