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Spring 2023 homeschool Schedule 

Spring is coming and with it Woodcrest Retreat offers our new School of Wonder schedule. We invite you to join us for lots of hands-on fun and learning. Look over our list of programs and then visit us online at www.WoodcrestRetreat.org/education to register. Class space is limited so sign up early to reserve your space. We are now able to accept payment when your register online or you may still bring payment for all classes on the day of your first class. For questions, please call the camp office at 717-738-2233. Don’t forget that you can also schedule a co-op fieldtrip for most of our classes.

Please Note:  Our new payable form is still in the develop stage.  You may find that some classes are included in the form.  We apologize for this and are working on trying to streamline this new site.  You will still be emailed a confirmation after we receive your registration that will have a correct total for the classes and would also include any payments we did receive. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new software.

Date: Thursday, March 23rd (9:30-1:00)             Grades: 1-12

Cost: $60/student

Part 1: Circulatory System—learn the basics of the circulatory system. Make a model of blood, learn the path of blood through the heart and dissect a sheep’s heart.

Part 2: Eye Lab—Do some fun experiments to show how our sense of vision works and then dissect a sheep’s eye to learn the amazing anatomy of the eye.

Part 3:  Brain Lab—God designed our brains to do so many amazing things. There will be plenty of fun activities to help us appreciate our brains and then dissect a sheep’s brain.

Dates: Tuesdays, March 21, 28 & April 11th  (1:00-3:00)   Grades: 7-12

Cost:  $33/student

Date:  Tuesday, April 4th (1:00-3:00)     Grades 6-12 & Adults

Cost: $8/student

Date:  Monday, April 24th (9:30-2:20)     Grades:  Families

Cost: $12/ages 5-12     /     $15/ages 13-up

Date:  (FULL)  Thursday, April 13th (1:00-3:30)

(FULL) Session B:  Wednesday, April 12th (1:-3:30)

Grades:  3-8Cost:  $19/student

Date:  Thursday, April 20th (9:30-12:00)     Grades:  Families

Cost:  FREE

Date:  (FULL) Session A:  Tuesday, April 25th (1:00-3:00) — limited space is available. Please call the camp office to reserve.

(FULL) Session B:  Tuesday, April 25th (9:30-11:30)

Grades:  Families

Cost:  $13/family

Dates:  Arrive at Woodcrest on Monday, May 1st @ 9:00 a.m.      Return to Woodcrest on Tuesday, May 2nd @ 11:00 a.m.     Grades: 8-12

Cost:  $42/student

Date:  Tuesday, may 2nd (9:30-11:30)     Grades:  K-3

Cost:  $8/student

Date:  Tuesday, May 9th (1:00-3:00)     Grades: 3-8

Cost:  $7/student

Date:  Tuesday, May 23rd (1:00-3:00)     Grades:  Families

Cost:  $3/student or $15/family

Dates:  Friday, may 19th (6:00-10:00 p.m.)    /    Saturday, May 20th (8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.)     /     Sunday, May 21st (1:00-5:00)      Ages:  15-up

Cost:  $175/student (discounts depending on employment at Woodcrest pool)


To Register for classes visit www.WoodcrestRetreat.org/education

225 Woodcrest Drive   Ephrata, PA  17522



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