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Homeschool Programs

Our Fall 2022 homeschool program schedule is now available.

Fall is a beautiful time of year at Woodcrest Retreat and a wonderful time to enjoy God’s outdoor classroom with one of our School of Wonder programs. We invite you to join us for lots of hands-on fun and learning. Look over our list of classes and then visit us online to register. Class space is limited so sign up early to reserve your space. Payment for all classes is due on the day of your first class. You can also schedule a co-op fieldtrip for most of these classes. For questions or to reserve a field trip, please call the camp office at 717-738-2233.


2022 Wild Woodcrest Wednesday — Wild Wednesdays are back for fall 2022 and filled with more wild fun. Join our staff for weekly games and activities that will get students outside and enjoying the great fall days. Activities will vary each week but will include gaga ball, soccer, kickball, and favorite camp games.

Sense Nature: Camouflage Corner — This is another in our series of quality exploration classes for younger students.  Learn how God gave different critters the ability to blend into their surroundings. Discover different ways animals use camouflage, enjoy a craft, and play some fun games.  Parents should plan on staying with their students for this program.

Appalachian Trail Hike Enjoy beautiful fall vistas on a nine mile stretch of the scenic Appalachian Trail. Students will hike from the Jonestown trailhead to the parking lot on 501 in Pine Grove. We will camp for the night near the William Pen shelter. On the hike we will cook our own meals, learn about the various vegetation along the trail, develop campcraft skills, and dig deep into God’s Word.  Students will meet at Woodcrest Retreat on Thursday, September 22 at 9:00 a.m.  We will shuttle students to the trailhead and return them to camp Friday at 11:00. Upon registration a packing list will be sent. Registration includes travel, meals and snacks.

Geology — All of God’s creation tells of His glory—even the rocks! Here at Woodcrest, we have plenty of unique rocks and an extensive ancient rock collection. If your students have ever wanted to sift through fossils, know what kind of rocks make gems or smash open their own geode, this class is for them!

Geology Fieldtrip — Join us at Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, PA. We will participate in one of their guided tours and then allow students the opportunity to use their new-found rock knowledge to discuss how the guides’ worldview impacted their interpretation of the facts. This is open to all families but especially for students of our Geology class. Families will meet at Indian Echo Caverns at 11:00. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after the tour. (We need 25 people get the group pricing listed).

Genetics (3 part class) — In this three part class, learn the basics of Mendelian genetics and how God designed the way that our traits are passed down through DNA, and also how they are influenced by our natural and spiritual environment. We will learn about chromosomes, genes, DNA replication, genetic variations and expression of various traits in our own bodies. You will learn how to predict genotypes (how traits look on DNA) and phenotypes (how those traits express themselves). We will breed fruit flies as a class as well as other hands-on activities. See how truly fearfully and wonderfully God made our bodies.

Ways of Native American Culture — We have some special guests coming to share on the diversity and richness of Native American culture. They will use artifacts from Woodcrest’s collection of local Native culture while also showing students the art of making arrow heads and so much more.

FULL!  PA Scientists — Part of our PA History series.  Pennsylvania is home to some very famous scientists including Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Priestly, Edwin Drake and Rachel Carson. Come learn what these four important PA residents discovered and try a few of their experiments yourself! Fun for any student of Science or History!

Christmas Around the World — A family favorite, our Christmas program combines history, crafts, and baking into one fun-filled event.  This year’s class “travels” to Uganda. So join us to learn how families in Uganda enjoy Christmas by making Christmas ornaments, hearing a story, and making our take on a traditional Ugandan Christmas snack.  We will also hear from Ugandan missionaries and how we can pray for the church in Uganda and other parts of Africa.