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Stories of Grace

This page is dedicated to God our Father. It is a celebration of what He did in 2020 as we offered to Him summer camp to do His work of transformation and renewal. We knew that summer camp was needed. We knew the shut down and pandemic would have adverse affects on the campers and their families and that a week of camp would go far to bring joy, peace and a sense of normalness to their lives. We knew that some families would need our Day Camp so that they could get back to work. We knew the challenges and took each step in faith as we moved to keep camp open.

This page is called “Stories of Grace” and reflect what God did through the power of camp. We share these stories to honor God and praise Him for His amazing grace.

From our Staff:

From Overnight Camp Parents:

We were forced to cancel two weeks of overnight camp plus our Outbound Wilderness trip. We were able to convert one of those weeks into what we called “Wilderness Day Camp” which was a 12 hour day camp. We took several other steps to follow guidelines and mandates while keeping the essence of the program the same. We were so encouraged by the response we received from parents.

From Day Camp Parents:

Woodcrest was able to run all eight weeks of our Discovery Day and Trek program. Although we limited the number of campers each week (we had 25 less campers than we were staffed for) and kept groups separated and removed some traditional activities, we attempted to keep camp the same since 95% of the time we are outside. Within the first week we started receiving surveys that brought tears to our eyes and caused us to break out in prayer and praise. Well worth all of the struggles to run camp this summer.

From Overnight Campers:

We love to hear from the campers themselves because they have a unique perspective as they are the immediate recipients of God’s grace.