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Stories of Grace

Stories of Grace

We wish that everyone could be on site in the summer to see the work that God is doing. Unfortunately, that can’t happen, but we can share with you the comments and testimonies of those who are in the summer.  This page is for God’s glory as we tell the stories of those who encountered God at Woodcrest. Whether from parents, campers, or even staff, God shows up in the games, devotional times, and daily interaction that campers have.

This page is called “Stories of Grace” and reflect what God did through the power of camp. We share these stories to honor God and praise Him for His amazing grace. Parents are asked to fill out a survey of their child’s experience at camp so that we can keep improving our program but also encourage our staff during those difficult times of the summer.

Comments from Parents:

This morning John whined about his breakfast being ready because he was reading his Bible!! He said Ethan challenged him to read through the book of John, so kudos to Ethan! God is an Awesome God! This Momma’s heart is SO blessed!! The boys rarely want to leave at pick up! We usually end up at Indian Rocks or Fortville. I feel so blessed to have an option like Woodcrest so close to home! To have the boys in nature, being physically active, and be in God’s word…AMAZING!! Thank you to you and to everyone at Woodcrest for all you do for these kiddos!!

They loved making new friendships with the other boys in their cabin. They had to trust God to help them overcome their sadness with moments of homesickness. They were stretched by not having mom/dad there for comfort, and grew in some independence reaching out to their counselor for support.

[My daughter] immediately wanted to read her devotional you gave her. She also cried that she missed her counselor and friends she made. Camp had a big impact for her first time away.

It’s hard to tell yet, but this was a special time for our daughter and she seemed to enjoy the spiritual emphasis and grew in confidence by her time away from home.

[My son] enjoyed overnight camp–yet again. He will definitely be returning again next year. He absolutely loves Woodcrest and the counselors there. He loves the post cards he gets from the counselors and enjoys being with his friends at camp, both day camp and overnight. We are so thankful for the counselors and all the staff at Woodcrest. You all do a great job putting together a wonderful program for the kids while allowing them to have fun and also helping guide them to grow closer to God. Thank you to all!

She came home with a positive attitude and joy in her heart. Thank you!

He had increased revelation on what all it meant to have Jesus die on the cross. He realized how much he loves his family.

You all do such a good job! I am continuing blessed by the chance my kids can spend at a quality camp with good Christian influences. Thank you for doing such a great job! Also, I love that you keep it simple and more “rough.” They are part of nature, cooking breakfasts, getting dirty and being kids. I’m sure that makes some things more difficult for the counselors but I think its essential for the kids to learn and not always be in constant comfort.

His counselor was so great with Hudson! The way he greeted Hudson and all the boys with such enthusiasm every morning was awesome! Hudson was so excited to arrive every morning! Thank you Jeremiah

T______ thought the Chapel in the woods was really fun. She enjoys that kind of thing.

Our daughter has struggled with sleep at night. For the first time i can remember she slept in the dark at camp and has shown less fear at nighttime. Thank you for what you are doing!

This was my child’s first time ever at summer camp and he came home the first day excited to go back and begging to add the overnight camp in. We will definitely be adding that next year for him since it was too late to join in this year.

My child does not like to read anything and he came home Friday and asked to read the children’s bible that we have! He stayed up reading it Friday night!

This was my daughter first experience at camp. She had no desire to go and I was worried this would be a week of her begging me not to make her go back. She is on the autism spectrum and gets very anxious with new situations. But she LOVED it!!! She wants to go back next year! She wants to do overnight camp next year and she had tears in her eyes when she left at the end of the week! I can’t thank you enough for making this such a positive and fun experience for her!!

[Our son] is a kind of a loner but everyone was kind and inclusive. I think he realized how important it is to have others in your life.

T______ always loves his time at Woodcrest Camps. Overnight is one of his favorites. His relationship with God always grows stronger and the depth of his knowledge and understanding of the Bible deepens. He relishes in every new friendship he makes during his time at camp.

E____ can’t wait to go to camp again. She grew spiritually that week and is nicer to her siblings. She’s willing to help out more and be kind.

My daughter told me about the time that counselors took the kids to the little chapel and shared their testimonies. This had an impact on my daughter, as she and I have talked about sharing a testimony when/if she someday gets baptized. Thank you for including this special activity. Also, one night when I was doing devotions with my kids from the book of Job, my daughter exclaimed “hey we learned this story today at camp!” She even recalled specific details. Thank you to whoever taught her from Job!

My husband and I have been thrilled with the new interest in religion and the Bible since starting at camp. She is excited about learning about Christ and is eager to learn more.

I love giving them a true camp experience where they can safely explore their independence all the way to budgeting money at the snack bar.

This week was so good for L_____. She is a sensitive girl and this week she learned to have fun, even when things aren’t perfect and she grew in her independence. She loved the Bible stories being acted out.

S______ has cried going to other camps, today she’s going to cry because it’s over. Thank you for taking great care of my child this week!

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