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Building on the Legacy

Celebrating 60 Years of Ministry


There is value in sharing our story with others. First, it gives honor to God as we acknowledge His grace in our lives. Second, it encourages others as we acknowledge their service and sacrifice. Third, it also strengthens us as we recall God’s faithfulness and work our lives (read the rest of Psalm 103).

As part of our year-end giving campaign, we are inviting friends and supporters of Woodcrest Retreat to share their stories on how God has used Woodcrest to bless them in their Christian walk. These stories will be used in future newsletters and posts on our social media as a way of celebrating God’s hand upon the camp over the past 60 years.

Your story can be about any part of the ministry including your experiences at summer camps, a church retreat, a stay at the campground, or any of our special events. All that we do at Woodcrest is committed unto the Lord so that He can use it to further His purpose and to bring Him glory. Your story is another way for God to be glorified through Woodcrest.

Share your story below and click send. In the “Subject” line simply type “Story.” We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you again in the future.

If you haven’t already given a year-end gift to further the ministry of Woodcrest, you can do that by clicking here. We appreciate your partnership with us as together we serve our great God.

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