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Journey to Bethlehem

With Dramatic Actors, a Live Nativity and Real Animals

Experience the true historical story of Christmas and the excitement of our Savior’s birth in a spacious outdoor setting with dramatic actors, a live nativity and real animals. Unique to this event, is that you will actually walk with the Biblical characters along quiet wooded trails on the Journey. Along the way, you will receive items to assist you on your Journey.

Journey to Bethlehem Scene 1

Scene 1: “The Angel’s Announcement To Mary”

Observe the Angel’s visit with Mary and then join Mary and Joseph on the way to Bethlehem.

Journey to Bethlehem Scene 2

Scene 2: “No Room in the Inn”

Experience the disappointment of finding no room in the Inn.

Journey to Bethlehem Scene 3

Scene 3: “The Marketplace”

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the marketplace complete with merchants, wares, and live animals.

Journey to Bethlehem Scene 4

Scene 4: “The Shepherd’s Field”

Join the shepherds around a warm crackling campfire watching their sheep by night when suddenly angels appear in the sky and proclaim the news of Jesus’ birth!

Scene 5: “The Stable”

Hurry along with the shepherds to the stable and experience the quiet wonder of finding Baby Jesus in the manger.

Scene 6: “It’s About the Cross”

Journey to Bethlehem is about more then just Jesus coming as a baby. It’s also about why He came!


Additional Details:


Volunteers Needed:

Over one hundred volunteers are needed to make the “Journey to Bethlehem” come alive. Please check your calendar and prayerfully consider volunteering. Perfect for individuals and/or families to share the true meaning of Christmas.

Commitments are needed for 2 or more nights.

Fridays: 5:00 – 10:30 PM
Saturdays: 4:00 – 10:30 PM

ACTORS: Enthusiastic persons to portray the Christmas story.
(Mary, Joseph, Angel, Innkeepers, Shepherds, Wisemen)

These vital roles require minimal or no speaking. Memorization of lines is not required in these roles.

Please call (717) 738-2233 or email Will@WoodcrestRetreat.org.